Remote Location Filing (RLF)

As a nationally licensed broker, Capin Vyborny provides U.S. Customs and Logistics services through any U.S. Customs port of entry.  To do so, our Logistics team processes Remote Location Filing (RLF) entries. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, “RLF is an electronic program which allows an approved Customs broker with a valid national permit to electronically transmit data associated with an entry in a completely electronic data interchange system to a RLF operational Customs and Border Protection location.”

We originally began offering this service at the request of our clients, who wanted the level of expertise and customer service they were receiving from our team at the Nogales Port at other U.S. Ports of Entry.  In addition, our Logistics Team is capable and experienced at handling the many facets of transportation. Rather than working with many points of contact and potentially incurring added fees and wait times, our clients enjoy working directly with our Logistics Team to serve as their only point of contact to ensure seamless point-to-point Customs and Logistics services.

Headed by Gabriel Armenta, the team has expanded considerably in order provide this country wide need to our clients.  The growth of trade through the port of Laredo, El Paso, and the historic volume of ocean freight through Long Beach has importers inquiring for more oversight with respect to their shipments and Capin Vyborny is proud to have such an outstanding team providing this service to our clients.


Capin Vyborny Customs Brokerage & Logistics is a nationally licensed broker who serves clients from North America, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.  With ability and experience providing service and transport through any U.S. Customs port of entry.  Capin Vyborny’s physical presence and warehousing across the entire southern U.S. border provides specialized help and relationships for cross U.S.-Mexico trade.  For any questions or inquires please contact us at 520-281-2066 or


A personalized approach founded on service.

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