Mining for well-being: Capin-Vyborny at Hermosa Project

Recently, Capin-Vyborny was invited to visit Hermosa Mine for a tour of their facilities and get to know more about the project, its advantages, and its disadvantages. Hermosa is a polymetallic mine proposed to be developed in the Patagonia Mountains, about 80 kilometers south-east of Tucson, Arizona, by Australian-based mining company South32.

The project consists of two main deposits named Taylor and Clark that contain big amounts of zinc-lead-silver sulfide and zinc-manganese-silver oxide that would need to be exported. These metals are used in renewable energy infrastructure, to protect against corrosion, for solar panels and for electric vehicles.

As many people know, the mining industry has many environmental side-effects because of the chemicals emitted during the digging processes. But Hermosa promises to be a ‘next generation mine’, using automation and technology to minimize the impact on the environment and to target a carbon neutral operation, to comply with their goal of net zero operational carbon emissions by 2050.

Capin-Vyborny attended this demonstration to take into account how well this project would be for local business, the community, environment and the surrounding areas. Capin Vyborny is proud to be invited and participate in these major local projects.


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