Hole in One for Education: Capin Vyborny at Index Nogales Golf Tournament.

Education is considered worldwide as a major factor of production that leads to cutting many of the problems a country experiences. Education is a source of positive change from the root as it allows children and teenagers to break through the labor force. For Capin Vyborny, supporting this formation any way we can is something we continually support. Consequently, we participated in the 43rd annual Golf Tournament organized by Index Nogales, an export and maquiladora business association.

The Index Nogales golf tournament was held on August 27th in Tubac, Arizona. The tournament is held annually in order to raise scholarship money destined for Maquiladora workers’ children that stand out in school. Due to the pandemic the tournament had not been held for 2 years. Excited to be able to finally carry it out again, 192 players from 52 select companies from both Mexico and the US, including suppliers and friends from the trade and manufacturing sector, gathered to support education, create bonds, support our common industry and have a good time.

The Golf Tournament has helped more than 6,000 children from middle school and high school in the 43 years that it has been ongoing. This year, the event made up for its pandemic paused years and made the difference for many students from Nogales that want to continue their education, as the tournament raised a total of $104K. This exceeding the established goal and expectation.

Capin Vyborny had a great time coming together and helping this great cause by playing and donating for the initiative, building a better tomorrow for the youth and, thus, for the world.


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