An Expanded Advisory Team Ready to Meet your Customs Compliance Needs

Headed by Capin Vyborny’s chief customs compliance officer Sandra Weston LCB, the Advisory Team provides a variety of direct client support including customs compliance, HTSUS classification and corporate relations.  In addition, Advisory prepares nuanced services for clients such as reconciliation, origin Certifications and special projects.  The Advisory Team and every individual department at Capin Vyborny prides itself on being available and responsive for our clients.

In order to provide for the growing customs compliance needs of international trade, the Advisory Team has been expanded with the addition of three new members.  During the latter half of 2020, Andrea Hernandez and Moises Parrales joined Advisory bringing with them their respective experience and work ethic.  Andrea previously worked in multiple Capin Vyborny departments including Export and Remote Location Filing. She brings individual department perspectives and knowledge to Advisory.  Moises has been working for Capin Vyborny while finishing his college education, of which he has recently received his degree. He previously worked on the Accounting Team and has proven his work ethic and comprehension of procedures.  He will add his auditing abilities to the Advisory Team.

In addition, on the first business day of 2021, Capin Vyborny proudly welcomed Nubar John Hanessian LCB to the Customs Brokerage family.  His addition to the Advisory Team will provide our clients with more expertise they can reach directly and will add another Customs Broker License to the company.  These new additions will be joining longtime client relations contact Rafael Michel on Advisory, who also serves as systems leader.


Capin Vyborny Customs Brokerage & Logistics is a nationally licensed broker who serves clients from North America, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.  With ability and experience providing service and transport through any U.S. Customs port of entry.  Capin Vyborny’s physical presence across the entire southern U.S. border provides specialized help and relationships for cross U.S.-Mexico trade.  For any questions or inquires please contact us at 520-281-2066 or


A personalized approach founded on service.

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