Accompanying our Customer Base to the El Paso Border


We are always humbled when a current client asks us to help them with their needs at a different port of Entry.  This week our CEO Jean Paul Destarac, Logistics Specialist Aaron Cervantes and CV team members who will be assisting our client’s operations went to El Paso, Texas.  This personal visit was to review, implement and ensure the operations were set as required and the clients experience was as smooth as possible.  Who’s your Broker?  Capin Vyborny clients can name their customs broker and are always available when needed.


As client’s businesses continue to grow, Capin Vyborny responds with complete support.   Capin Vyborny is committed to meet and support all growing client needs.  If comes to warehousing and logistics, Capin Vyborny has the facilities in multiple ports and the transportation networking to ensure goods and material arrive on time.

International movement and Customs compliance can be complicated and tedious.  When a new product line or business venture is added to existing trade, what was once routine can become complicated.  Capin Vyborny has the experience and expertise to make the process of incorporation and action as smooth as possible.  Working with a great Customs Brokerage gives businesses the confidence to act on new opportunities.



Capin Vyborny Customs Brokerage & Logistics is a nationally licensed broker who serves clients from North America, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.  With ability and experience providing service and transport through any U.S. Customs port of entry.  Capin Vyborny’s physical presence across the entire southern U.S. border provides specialized help and relationships for cross U.S.-Mexico trade.  For any questions or inquires please contact us at 520-281-2066 or


A personalized approach founded on service.

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