Capin-Vyborny and Logi-Cargo Unite

Capin Vyborny is honored to welcome the Logi-Cargo team to our family.

Founded by Alejandro Zamudio, Logi-Cargo is a Laredo, Texas-based Freight Forwarder serving global manufacturing firms.  Alejandro has decided to merge Logi-Cargo with Capin-Vyborny to be able to better serve his customer base and offer his employees new paths of growth.  Since Capin-Vyborny is a nationally licensed customs broker, Logi-Cargo’s clients will now have the ability to process customs entries in all US ports.  Capin-Vyborny’s deep expertise and focused Advisory Team will help Logi-Cargo’s clients navigate the constantly changing customs regulations and trade issues.  In addition, Alejandro looks forward to offering his employees new paths for professional and personal growth by uniting with Capin-Vyborny.

We were attracted to Logi-Cargo because of the level of service they provide and their evident humility and efficiency.  These are some of the values that we pride our team on as well.  Alejandro will continue to work with Logi-Cargo’s customers and team.  As a licensed customs broker, Alejandro will increase Capin Vyborny’s number of LCB’s to seven. This merger will renew our commitment to accompany our customers through all of their cross-border projects and challenges.

As the largest land port in the world, Laredo is a place where many Capin-Vyborny clients operate. Even through the pandemic, we opened two locations to support and at the request of our clients, one in the Laredo port itself and another in Brownsville.  We believe that the union with Logi-Cargo will allow us to provide the type of service our clients have grown to expect of us and follow through on our promise to give our employees exciting opportunities.

This is a big moment for us all. We are very thankful, but this is just the beginning.



Capin Vyborny Customs Brokerage & Logistics is a nationally licensed broker who serves clients from North America, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.  With ability and experience providing service and transport through any U.S. Customs port of entry.  Capin Vyborny’s physical presence across the entire southern U.S. border provides specialized help and relationships for cross U.S.-Mexico trade.  For any questions or inquires please contact us at 520-281-2066 or


A personalized approach founded on service.

Alejandro with Capin Vyborny Management Team
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