Warehousing, Storage and Trailers

In addition to expert U.S. Customs Brokerage Consulting services, Capin Vyborny offers Warehousing, Storage and Trailer solutions for your shipping needs.

General Warehousing Services

Capin Vyborny manages and operates a warehouse facility for multi-client use. Our flexible warehousing solutions are ideal for clients with short term or varying space requirements, all available at comparable price points. Our warehousing solutions allow you to utilize our space based on your current demand, minimizing your cost exposure.

By taking advantage of our warehousing services, you have the option of short term and/or flexible contracts, lower costs gained by shared labor costs and other ancillary operating expenses garnered through individually owned sites.

Contract Warehouse Services

For those companies looking to establish a long-term distribution center in a particular region, Capin Vyborny will arrange and manage your contract warehouse solution. With a dedicated warehouse facility, you will be able to take advantage of single-site knowledge, a specialized labor force and standard operating procedures specifically designed for your unique needs.

Cross-Dock Warehouse Services

Cross-docking is an effective warehousing option utilized to improve transportation services to customers, reducing overall handling and storage costs. This enables you to route product from a single or multiple manufacturing sites to the Capin Vyborny distribution center, which is strategically located near the Mexican-American border in Nogales, Arizona. Product is shipped in bulk from manufacturing plants to our facility, where it is then disseminated into multiple shipments and delivered directly to your customers. Additionally, special packaging and labeling requirements can be accomplished as a free value-add of the Capin Vyborny cross-dock service.

Inventory Control Capabilities

Capin Vyborny has a proven track record of inventory accuracy. Our skilled Inventory Control Team practices regular cycle counts at our facility and our best-in-class approach to inventory management ensures a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 99.9%.